Saturday, January 31, 2009

1999, The Turquoise Eye, Interlude

A Brief Meditation

Perhaps you have heard a story similar to the following. A smith makes a weapon so fine that its like has never been seen. The patron comes for his new blade, and is overcome by its beauty. In his passion for the blade, he slays the smith, ending forever the smith's art.

To think, that an art can be its own unmaking.


  1. What a thought! I suppose the smith was a master of his art. To drive a man to kill for an object ...a meditation indeed!

  2. Yes! and the polling device on the right is very necessary. I will tell the others about this--The knowledge should not be horded! It should be spread to all those willing to accept it! We must protect our weaker brethren from the might of those serpents (they know who they are; I do to)

    Splendid. I admire your alacrity Rab.

  3. Thank you for your enthusiasm, Clay. You are a marvelous fellow, truly. I have observed the phenomenon embodied by this archetypal tale on several occasions and plan to explore it in depth.

  4. Hmm...power.That's why he did it.
    So NOT smarty, to kill an artyfarty. :(

  5. M'Lady Natalie, your comments are always mood lifters my dear!