Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mind's Eye

Soon, very soon I will begin our conversation here. Our task is dire; I must not hurry. To you who have met in dreams, remember. Remember the shape of the dream and together we will forge the tools.

This is my first waking message to you. But your mind must be strong, lest we do great harm. Therefore, find the words before reading them. Use the words to find and forge the tool. The key is in your mind's eye.

Up zaes nupf't ozo. Vxu treisot itlux
up zaes nupf't ozo. Cev apmz apo mupo va fsix vjon.
ot 6 siol 9 sotj'y 6 ysy. 9 Ayk 6 cn, 9 g 6 mbcyfx 9 gmgotyz 6 ypcf.
wu zeah b'dfuv oho. U ttuf faqb eah.


  1. What a curious puzzle Rab! I am thoroughly baffled my friend.

  2. I am intrigued.. But a word of caution... Words betray. . Are you prepared ?

  3. Ng svefg, V gubhtug guvf jnf n rot13 guvat. V jnf jebat.

  4. I love the feel of your blog and the way the words come together....I expect we may have some philosophical leanings in stop by Psyche Connections for a visit.

  5. I would love to have the primer to decipher it.