Monday, February 23, 2009

The week

Alas, I will be unable to post much until after Wednesday. That is the deadline I set for one of my current projects, and I never miss my own deadlines. But I will tell you about an interesting little thing.

Last week my father brushed against a spider that was sitting on the edge of his chair. I happened to be sitting with him in his outdoor workshop. Inspecting the little lady, I saw that she was a Southern Black Widow, Latrodectus mactans. Oh ye little black haunters of privies and sheds, will you leave a few areas safe for old men and their visiting sons? Well I am glad she didn't bite anyone.

So I put this little lady in a jar thinking I would take a photo, but forgot about her, and now she is all shriveled. I can still make out (barely) the signature "hourglass" on her abdomen. But otherwise she is turning to ick. Goo ejected from her head as she dessicated, and that has her glued to the bottom of the jar.

I'm afraid if I take a picture now, it will be too unsightly. What do you think? Gooey raisiny spider pictures?

I am thinking there are better things I could post pictures of.


  1. Think we could do without seeing a picture thanks! The one in my head is bad enough!!

    CJ xx

  2. Poor spider!Thanks for not post that, th emental picture was quite bad.

  3. I agree. A cruel death. No picture, thanks.

  4. To clarify, she was dead before she went into the jar. The brush with the arm did her in, unbeknownst to anyone 'til she dropped to the floor.

  5. Alas! I can finally comment on this post!!

    you have no idea how many times I tried to comment...very frustrating..

    You and Clay have been reminding me of forgotten things, things I forgot to add in the chronicles..hmmm

    This post reminded me of my youthful fascination with Moths and Butterflies...

  6. Thanks for clarifying! Because you make me think, I've given you an award. You can pick it up on my blog.

  7. Rab, when you return I want you to go to this link--
    I have been researching various plant types with this group, and they seem to be an enlightened bunch! Very friendly too! They could use someone of your wit and alacrity. Stay well my friend--Oh, I feel sorry for that spider too..what a bad way to go.

  8. M'Lady Wings - I'm so sorry you were unable to comment. Moths and Butterflies - that is an interesting derivation from the stereotypical Horses and Unicorns! Each set forms something of a dichotomy, if we choose to view them that way.

  9. Steph - On my way - thank you for the award!

  10. Clay - on my way to the Alchemy Forum next my friend.

    Oh by the way, sorry to anyone who was too grossed out by my descriptions of dessication and goo - I think I must have become desensitized to these things somewhat. Once again, the poor spider did not starve or suffocate - it was knocked silly. It is, generally speaking, one of the more deadly spiders in the world, and so I saw the even more as a harrowing one for me and my father (emergency services don't get out here very quickly). At 77, a black widow bite might have been 'it' for him. As for the desensitization factor, I will monitor myself a bit more! In January I lost someone very close, and the surrounding event was infinitely more horrifying than our spider here, please believe. In truth, I doubt I will ever write about it here because it is too much to burden others with. Or maybe it would be too much for me to write, whichever.

    And now dear friends, I must retreat to the alchemist's forum, and then sit with a lovely lady while I finish up these project deadlines.

    Good night.

  11. Mmmmmm. Could you find something better to photograph than a dessicated, gooey, dead spider?

    Actually since it was a lady spider, I think she would only want to be photographed at her best. So maybe we could spare her this last indignity.:)

  12. Barry - that is a riot - I am sure you are right!