Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coming Soon

Hi friends - you might have noticed I have been silent of late. I may have a surprise upcoming, about which I will post here... more details to follow. The topic: picture books.


  1. Excellent! I know that you are engaged in greater academic pursuits, but we miss your wisdom Mr.Rab.

  2. Wonderful! Glad to see you back on here, even if its only a few sentences here and there ;)

  3. Hi Raberto! You are certainly a mysterious character with many facets......much like a gem.

    Glad you popped in, put your feet up and have a drink on me.x

  4. C'mon Rab how soon is soon? I've been checking on you every day now, don't leave us hanging. Ha-ha seriously... Please... Don't tease.


  5. Soon is now, Mr. Seale. My apologies - I do have my own time zone, in which ages can pass for others whilst I contemplate the passing of a moment. Thank you for the prodding.

    Clay - Thank you dear friend, your opinion of me is too high, truly.

    M'Lady Wings - I am glad whenever I hear from you as well.

    Natalie - I had that drink, thank you. Coffee with a generous splash of Irish Cream.

    Erma - I am so glad I can please!

    Regards to all, be well, good night!