Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Faith and Action

There are lots of things to have faith in aren't there?

There is spirituality and religion of course. Even science has shown that having faith in a supernatural power is beneficial. For most people, believing that some part of the self is immortal eases their fears. People want to create meaning, and permanent death makes that more difficult -- what would it mean if everything we accomplished in our own minds, our personal growth, our feelings, our loves and hates, just ended? It is not a comfortable thought.

To some degree we put our faith in politicians, or in a system of government, though sometimes we withhold reverence. We assume that things will work out because the system is well designed, or because the people have a conscience, or because some combination of factors resolves to give us a measure of security. That feeling of security is the genesis of faith.

If you think about it, you have probably observed two types of faith. There is the faith that supports action, and the faith of helplessness.

It is interesting that one word can be turned this way. It really means two different things.

If you have heard someone say, "we just have to have faith," meaning, "there is nothing to be done," that is the faith of helplessness. This type of faith makes people less dangerous, less effective, and allows others to prey on them.

Then there is the faith that "moves mountains." I'll call it "true faith."

True faith requires more from us. First, it requires faith in ourselves equal in power to the desired outcome. As an equation, that's:

Power of faith in self = Power of desired outcome

So what about faith in God, I hear someone say. It is one thing to believe in a higher power, another thing to be its hands. Merely believing is a mental exercise, but acting on our convictions is faith.

Now I hear that little voice that says, that's nice, but how does that work for me? I'll tell you.

If you believe that the world is meant to be good, make it good. If you believe that children should have shelter, find a family with no shelter and help them build it. If you don't know how to build, find someone who does and bring them with you. Allow your own convictions to lead others. When you discover you are wrong about something, or you make a mistake, use that to learn, to strengthen your convictions.

That's asking a lot isn't it? After all, we can't always neglect ourselves and our families to go looking for homeless children.

No, but you can work for the things you believe in while working for yourself at the same time. Providing for yourself and your family is your first responsibility, always. If not, others would have to provide for you.

Cultivating the faith of action is powerful. It places the scepter in your hands, so to speak. You feel secure in the world around you because you are changing it - doesn't that prove that you have some measure of control over your world? When you act on your true convictions, you engage a different, more powerful part of yourself. Use that semi-conscious self to build your own life, to energize the things you believe in, and to add your own lasting, meaningful contributions to the world.

And when you do, I hope you'll take a moment to tell me about it. I will be here, offering what I can as always.

Your friend,

The Seeker in Dreams


  1. Could faith in action also be described as belief in yourself?
    If I believe I can do something, then I move mountains of energy.
    I think I will write about it later, and link to you if that's o'k? I have a good fundraising example.xx♥

  2. hmm, sounds similar to a saying I have "these are my two hands, I'll do what I can with them"

    Very thought provoking post.

  3. Aleksa, you're welcome.

    Ok to link to me any time Natalie :)

    M'Lady Wings - that is the manifestation.

  4. My Friend, it isn't much, but I've passed along an award to you on my blog. Please come and accept..

  5. I shall arrive momentarily. It is much!

  6. Once again, I owe you an apology. I have not been in contact with you the last few days concerning the project idea I presented to you due to some changes with my mother's health. It may be a while before I can return to it with my full attention, I need to make sure mom is taken care of first. I am so sorry that I've not taken the time to at least email to let you know.

    Also, I was just purusing some blogs and Fhina, at A Woman of No Importance left you this:

  7. Faith. a wrench with a screw permanently stuck in it--you must keep it, you cannot use it.


  8. Marvelous... I wondered when these ashes would speak again!

  9. what you believe so you achieve