Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good morning Blogger friends

I breathe its yeasty steam,
feel the cold cream cheese
on my teeth.
Now I look at the bagel,
blink away cobwebs.

Then I stand on its hot,
craggy surface, and the steam
fogs my eyeballs.
I look up to see teeth
and a beard moving in for a bite.

Down the gullet, with coffee
from the hot black lake
on the desk.
Acid greets us: me, the coffee
and the bit of bagel.

It's not so bad. We're together
and the stomach lining
provides a soft surface.
A blink, I nod, and I'm at my desk,
wondering what I swallowed.


  1. Ooooh, this is interesting. I don't read a lot of poetry, even though I do enjoy it. Normally I come across paintings of feelings, or flowers etc...but this was interesting. It slightly depressed me, because it reminded me of when I get to choke down food for the sake of eating breakfast before work. The food never looks good, tastes good, or feels good.

  2. Anna - I am glad you found it interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ah Rab, I see I'm not the only one you've evoked feelings of depression in while reading one of your posts ;)

    I can see the humor here in this one that you were referring to earlier today, nothing like having our own sense of comedic events in our days! Now, if only the rest of the world saw things in the same light....

  4. I try to be uplifting whenever possible, but we each have our diverse perspectives.

  5. Well, I had a long comment on here. But my kids decided to push the escape button and lost all of it for me :( (It went something like "Mom can I press this?" and they pressed the button before they finished asking the question and then look at me in wonder as I say "NO" a little too late) I do love my children, but I forewarn you now, they are curious creatures always wanting to know how things work and if they can do it too.

    Now then,Lets see if I can recall most of it.

    I wanted to clarify in saying that I don't really think your depressing, in fact I think your quite entertaining with your writings and you often have insightful things to offer and ponder over.

    To that end, my apologies if I somehow conveyed otherwise with my comment.

  6. Thank you :) Don't worry, I was not offended or anything. No apology needed!

  7. Hey, I am here via "findingmywingsinlife"'s awards post.

    About this post; I think this one is quite entertaining! Umm, I like the imagery of the day-to-day basis, but also, sadly, detect a monotonous lifestyle. I am not writing it is depressing, but I am tempted to tag it with boring.

    Nicely expressed! I liked this one!

  8. So I should wait before sending it to The New Yorker?

    Just kidding. What can I say, it's just a "hello, good morning" poem in which I devour myself with cream cheese. Not much to it.

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